Planning Guide

Here are some top tips for planning an event in a yurt:

When choosing a site for your event

  • Ensure that a lorry or van can get to your event site – for example are there any height/weight restrictions on the roads leading to your site, over hanging trees or tight gateways?
  • When choosing a site for the yurts make sure that a lorry or van can park next to or very near where the yurt is going up.
  • If you do require a delivery vehicle to drive over grass arrange a tractor or similar to be on hand to tow if the ground is water logged and muddy.
  • Choose a flat grass site for the yurts to be erected on.
  • Choose a space that is large enough to accommodate the yurts (yurts have guy ropes that go down right next to the side of the yurt so a 32ft yurt needs a 34ft diameter circle of flat grass).
  • If you require power choose a location that is no further than 40m from a power source or hire a generator (making sure the generator is installed on the day the yurts are being built so lights etc. can be tested)

When choosing the yurts

  • Always plan for bad weather. Hire a yurt/yurts big enough to house all your guests at one time in case it rains.
  • Decide if you want drinks/bar/dancing/dining to take place under one roof or in separate interlinked yurts. We have a lot of different yurt sizes available and all can be linked.
  • When having a formal event with a drinks reception followed by dinner and dancing choose a set up that has both a reception/dancing space and a dining space so you don’t have to move furniture in the middle of your event.
  • If you do decide to move furniture out of the yurt over the event do you have somewhere undercover to store it and strong people to move it?
  • Consider adding a snug yurt filled with cushions, low lighting, side tables and a wood burner. These make a fabulous addition to any party and give guests a space away from the music to relax.
  • If you have children attending your event why not add a kids yurt and fill it with second hand toys and books. These are always so appreciated by kids and parents alike.

When choosing décor and furnishings

  • If you know that you will be super busy running up to your event opt for our stunning or sumptuous decoration option which means the yurts are decorated and ready to go.
  • If you are serving drinks opt for our full height 8ft bar which gives you a hidden shelf and plenty of room to store glasses etc out of site.
  • For an informal event that includes a buffet add a number of banqueting or low tables so there is somewhere for guests to eat.
  • For an event that takes place in a Bedouin style yurt with lots of cushion seating consider adding a few low tables so guests have somewhere to put down drinks to avoid spillage. Always a good idea for teenage parties!

Finishing touches and things people forget

  • Heating – the yurts can be heated using our lovely wood burners. We think these are wonderful even in summer as they transform the yurts into a warm inviting space.
  • Outside lighting - We can provide up lighters for paths, yurts and nearby objects which is both practical, as it safely lights the way to loos etc., and it also looks great.
  • Coconut matting walkways – our walkways are really worth laying ensuring guests don’t get muddy on the way to the yurts.
  • Umbrellas – you can hire umbrellas and leave some in the car park and some in the yurts so guests don’t get wet getting to the party.
  • Fire woks – we suggest having two fire woks either side of the yurt entrance which is welcoming and also very nice to stand/sit around later in the evening (smokers like these!).
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Thank you so much for making our stay so wonderful at Give. I’ve never been so comfortable camping!!! ..fantastic job, well done.