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Our yurts are featuring at the following festivals this year. Click the links below or contact us for details.

Luxury 2 Person Yurt Now booking for HMS Bestival on the Isle of Wight 2013.

Hooe's Luxury Yurts for Bestival 2013.

Hooe's Yurts are selling stunning yurts in the Boutique Camping field this year. Their yurts are a brilliant for creating a warm, dry and cosy space away from the festival so you can sleep well and recharge for the party ahead. Hooe's yurts are full size so you can stand upright throughout the whole structure. They have many different sized yurts available and a selection of furnishings and beds to create seriously comfortable bedrooms.
Basic Yurt for 4 to 6 people - £670 These basic 14ft yurts provide a warm, dry and cosy space and are excellent for those on a budget. Don't forget to bring your own roll mats, bedding and lighting.
Flooring Luxury Bedroom Yurt for 2 to 4 people - £1200 These 14ft bedroom yurts are incredibly comfortable and just what you need for a super luxury weekend. The yurts are individually decorated with exotic textiles and equipped with proper beds for a couple or floor mattresses for four friends, linen and all the extras to make your weekend incredibly comfortable. If you would like to make a booking please contact Hooe’s Yurts directly via email or call Amy on 01837 880334.

Thank you! We have had a wonderful weekend here at Camp B and your lovely yurts have been a big party of it!

Cathleen and family