Our yurts are based on the Mongolian Yurt (or Ger) and are constructed from treated timber and white canvas. The yurts look gorgeous and once inside they feel solid, sumptuous and welcoming, creating a perfect space for any gathering. The yurts are wonderfully versatile as they have no central pole and can be erected outside or inside. They can be used individually or linked together for bigger events. We have 32ft, 28ft, 24ft, 18ft and 14ft yurts that can be connected together to create different shaped venues for up to 250 people. Please view our yurt portfolio with specifications and capacities by clicking on the buttons.

We are passionate about our yurt decoration and specialise in creating sumptuous interiors with lovingly collected textiles. For further information and photos on our decoration please go to the Yurt Decoration page.

"It WAS a great party, and the final hours were spent - old and young - chilling in the Yurt to the sound of guitar, group singing, and some musical attempts by individuals (myself included). We were eventually dragged away by the last taxi at 3.45! The Yurt absolutely MADE the party complete! (and you can quote me on that....)"
Bruce, London