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Our yurts create the perfect wedding night tent for couples wanting to stay near their wedding reception and still enjoy the 5 star luxury you would expect on such a special night. You choose a special place and we will build a beautifully decorated yurt, furnish it with a proper bed made up with gorgeous bedding and add all the little extras needed for a romantic and comfortable nights sleep. You needn't worry about being cold as our wedding night tents can be fitted with a cosy wood burner. When you wake up in the morning you are in the perfect place to rejoin your family and friends, open presents and talk about your amazing wedding day!

For more information and pictures please visit our Wedding Night Yurt page.

Our Wonderful Wedding Night Yurts Include:

  • A 14ft Yurt with kilim carpets and wall hangings

  • Kilim day beds and scatter cushions

  • A proper double bed with a feather duvet and four feather pillows

  • Excellent quality white linen

  • Electric blanket or hot water bottles

  • Two bedside tables and two side tables

  • Two kilim stools

  • A mirror, clothes hooks and hangers

  • Charged windup lanterns or electric bedside lamps and extensions

  • Candle lanterns and a bedside scented candle

  • Flowers, love poetry and inspiring books

  • Chocolates, a bowl of fruit and a bottle of bubbly

  • Soft drinks and a selection of teas and real coffee

  • Breakfast nibbles

  • Two outdoor chairs and rugs

  • Basket of wedding night goodies

"The day, and the yurt, were both beautiful! At various points in the day all the guests trekked down the garden to have a peek at our love-nest - they loved it of course, and my girl friends had scattered rose petals and written love messages all over the place."

Anna and Tom, Devon