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Our smaller yurts make great bedrooms for wedding guests who would like to sleep near the party. The yurts also offer a perfect accommodation solution for weddings held in remote locations. We can create a camping village that looks stunning and offers guests a very comfortable nights sleep. Here is example of what we can offer:

A luxury bedroom yurt - perfect for a couple

Includes the following:

  • 14ft Yurt

  • Kilim Rug

  • Beautiful Wall Hangings

  • A Proper Double Bed with Bedding and Linen

  • 2 x Bedside Tables

  • 2 x Windup Lanterns or Electric Lights

  • Kilim Stool

  • Side Table

  • Mirror

  • Clothes Hooks

  • Yurt Cleaning Kit

  • Waste Paper Basket

  • Wedding Survival Kit

For more information on our bedroom yurts please visit our Accommodation Yurts page.

We also specialise in designing exquisite honeymoon yurts for the wedding couple please visit our Wedding Night Yurt page for details.